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       Taidong Luanshan Elementary School introduction

       1. Luanshan Elementary School’s environment and culture Luanshan Elementary School is a beautiful aboriginal school in Yanping Township. Luanshan Elementary School sits beside Doulan Mountain, and faces the Beinan river. Luanshan village is the only village in its surrounding area. Luanshan Elementary School’s address is No.14, Luanshan Rd., Yanping Township, Taitung County 953, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Most of Luanshan Elementary School’s students are Bunun people. Bunun people are known not only for being at peace with who they are and what they have, but also for holding nature in great esteem. Additionally, Bunun music 「Pasi-but-bu」, performed when praying for each year’s millet harvest, earns a world-wide reputation as a precious manifestation of humanity, culture, and art.

       2. Luanshan Elementary School’s history Luanshan Elementary School was established in May of 1935, under the moniker Taidong ZhongYe Aboriginal Children’s Education Institution. After Taiwan was restored to the Republic of China, the Taidong ZhongYe Aboriginal Children’s Education Institution was renamed the Luanshan National School. Later on, it was then renamed the Taidong Yanping Township Luanshan Elementary School.


       3. Luanshan Elementary School’s Administrative team Welcome to Luanshan Elementary School. Our school’s campus contains a principal’s office, a studies affairs office, a general affairs office and a preschool. Luanshan Elementary School is a rural aboriginal school. In the elementary school, there are six grades, with one class per grade. Our preschool recruits children from ages 3 to 6.

       4. School’s missions and improvement plan

Mission Improvement Plan Task: Curriculum Our curriculum puts a special focus on Bunun cultural education such as the millet harvest festival, Bunun songs, and holding our “malahodaigian” (shooting the ears) ritual with the Luanshan tribe. Our target is to encourage our children to learn about and practice their own cultural heritage.

       Furthermore, we also try to enrich our children’s understanding of gender education, human rights, life education, and environmental protection. We also strive to strengthen children’s families bonds as well as their technological skills.

       Task: Learning In order to help our children develop their own lifelong learning habits, we encourage students to read and practice reading strategies both in class and in multiple kinds of learning activities. We provide opportunities for teachers’ professional development in order to improve our teachers’ teaching skills and to ensure that no child falls behind. Task Health and Morality We prioritize our children’s sense of morality and focus our attention on our children’s daily behavior. As a result of our continuous effort, Luanshan Elementary School has already been recognized as a morality educational school for four years!

       At Luanshan Elementary School, we believe in “a sound mind in a sound body” for every student. In addition to morality, we prioritize children’s health, and thereby encourage students to do more exercise and improve their healthy living skills.